WunderAds Referral Checklist

WunderAds Referral Checklist

So you’ve heard that WunderAds gives referrers a sweet 10% payout every single month (never expires) for earnings we receive from people you send our way, eh? 

You’ve also heard we have people who are making thousands from our referral program just from an email intro and you want some of those payments yourself?

Let’s do the math on just how big these payments can get. The biggest invoice to date we’ve ever sent an individual client in one month was a little over $49K. If you had referred that person to us, you would’ve received $4.9K in your PayPal account that month.

As a reminder – the services that we provide are:

  • Google Ads including Search, Display, Shopping, and YouTube
  • Microsoft Ads (formerly BING Ads)
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • TikTok Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Snapchat Ads

So how do you refer to WunderAds?

An intro via email is really all it takes. Don’t worry, I provide a concise and effective template for you to use when making those introductions right at the bottom of this document!

But here’s the thing. We’re pretty strict with who we bring on board and we end up turning down the majority of prospects who come to us.

The absolute musts:

  1. They’re already established as a business with a history of sales. This means they didn’t start just one week ago and have no idea whether or not there’s a market for what they’re selling.


    • They’re already consistently converting leads into sales OR they’re an online store that is already receiving plenty of orders daily.


  2. They know their numbers.


    • This is more important for lead-focused campaigns than direct sales campaigns.


    • Lead generation clients should know the lifetime value (LTV) of their customers and out of 100 leads, on average, how many will become a customer? This will help us figure out the expected revenue each lead will bring in.


  3. They’re someone you would enjoy working/collaborating with yourself.


    • Do you think they’d be an absolute nightmare to deal with? If they’re not someone you’d ever want to work with, they’re probably not a good fit for WunderAds. I enjoy a cordial relationship with all my clients and don’t want to deal with anyone who you’d deem to be… Ahem… an ass.


  4. They’re willing to scale when it makes sense.
    • Our minimum required ad spend is $5K/mo., but we’re looking to scale aggressively once ROI is proven and stable. Will they be okay with us spending $3K per day, every day? How about $20K in a single day when the iron is really hot?

The nice-to-have criteria (not essential but it would make them an absolute ideal client):

  1. They’ve already run paid ads in the past with great success. Even better if they’ve proven Google & Facebook Ads specifically as viable channels. It’s okay if the tests weren’t successful because that gives me some data and a baseline to work with.


  2. They’re (relatively) hands-off and understand that the best entrepreneurs delegate so they can focus on the business of doing business. I find that business owners with this mindset allow me to do my work best. Also, this is a great sign of trust, which I believe is essential to a strong partnership.

If the company you want to refer meets our criteria, what’s next? 

Just shoot an email intro to marco@wunderads.agency and I’ll take it from there!

Here’s a template you can use for the intro:

“Hey [referral name],

Meet Marco. He runs WunderAds and he’s the person I introduce to anyone who needs Google & Facebook Ads campaign optimization. 

His company’s expertise is scale and he helps a lot of companies scale from a few hundred per day in spend to the thousands per day.

I’ll let him take it from here.”

Here are our case studies that dig into a lot of different details. I highly recommend you check it out in case your referral has some questions.

Thanks in advance,