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The fact that you are looking for guidance here suggests that you’re trying to make the most out of your Google Ad placements.

Good news: You’ve come to the right place. The goal of WunderAds is to help you get more sales from your ads and achieve extraordinary growth in your Online Business.

This platform is perfect for mature online businesses that want to achieve more sales on a month-to-month basis.

We are based around the globe, to be exact our teams are located in the US, Europe, & Asia.

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Marco J. Grishaber

Founder & CEO

Traveled to Asia in 2010 to study, fell in love, and lived there ever since. After graduating from his MBA, Marco quickly realized that the Asian work culture doesn’t match his expectations & future growth path. He founded his first business in 2014, publishing books independently on Amazon, which he sold in 2020. He enjoyed the challenge of creating an independent brand outside of Amazon which also deepened his online business marketing skills

We value society

Giving Back to Society

volunteer partner of Bright Side

WunderAds is a proud volunteer partner of Bright Side, a non-profit organization devoted to supporting children’s education. Their mission is to empower children and communities by hosting content-rich activities via pro-intersectional approaches to information that can be used in the classroom and in everyday life.

approved by the Google Grants Partner program

Together, WunderAds and Bright Side were successfully, making them eligible for Google Sponsorships and running Paid Ads for the Bright Side organization.