900% Increase In Revenue For A Beauty & Skincare Brand

coreelle case study by wunderads


Coreelle is a Korean beauty and skincare brand selling its own products and it’s also a reseller of other top skincare brands.


Coreelle is running Google ads since November 2021, their main challenge was that the account was facing a loss. Before we took over the account management, they spent just $600-$700 and generated a revenue of $300.

Problems, challenges

Tactics and strategies

First, we focused on boosting their search segment. 

  • We structured separate campaigns for brand terms so that if someone is searching for Coreelle, our competitors will not grab our brand customers.
  • We subdivided the campaign location-wise. For instance, if NY State performed better than other states in the US, we separated the campaign for NY with more budget.
  • We created a discovery campaign to figure out more keywords users were interested in but we weren’t already targeting them.

Secondly, we focused on the Shopping campaign

  • For the Shopping campaign, we analyzed their previous-time data from Analytics and figured out the products with good sales, medium sales, and low sales.
  • We created a 2-tier strategy to improve the quality of search terms in the shopping campaign to show our product only when the user searches for a specific query.
  • We also layered some shopping campaigns with website visitors, which means some of our ads can also be shown to users who already visited our website.
  • Thirdly, we focused on the display campaign
  • We created banners with offers to retarget customers who visited the website but didn’t purchase.
  • We focused more on fresh audiences (those who recently visited the website). We retargeted them so that they may buy the products.
  • We also set up the tags with the client to set up our dynamic remarketing.

New Ideas/changes according to Google

  • We gave ideas to the client about the offers that performed well in this type of industry. We were able to attract more customers with the help of these offers.
  • Moving with time, we tested new campaigns and strategies. For instance, Google newly launched a Performance Max campaign. We explored the account in this segment too. 


We took over the account management in January, and within the first month of our management, we upscaled the account with a profit of 900%.

Results first month

We increased their revenue by 200% in the next month. The traffic, spending, and conversions also increased with a profit of 500%.

Results next month

Since we took over the management, the account is gaining more profit as we boosted their brand and non-brand segments.

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